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One Team

 Amy Goldsmith One Digital Designer

Amy Goldsmith

Digital Designer

My sole purpose as a designer is to produce beautiful, thoughtful and consistent design. I love watching brands come to life and take a form of their own, as they complement the business they're representing.


1. I'm obsessed with maps & even considered becoming a cartographer.
2. I've seen all of the James Bond movies.
3. I used to snowboard to work.

 Brandon Begnoche One Content Writer

Brandon Begnoche

Creative Writer

I have been passionate about writing since I was in high school and held my first internship at a local newspaper. Since then, I have been grateful to craft content for a variety of opportunities.


1. I enjoy the great outdoors in all ways; hunting, fishing, hiking, and photography.
2. All variety of card games intrigue me and I have been striving to become great in all of them, particularly euchre and pinochle.
3. It was my childhood dream to study animal life like Steve Irwin and sketch the photos for my books.

 Byron Jones One Photographer

Byron Jones


I cherish the amazing people God has graced my life with, and the experiences that come with different relationships. Flowing out of this fact is my desire to capture images that highlight these experiences in time both for others and myself.


1. I appreciate the simple moments in life.
2. I play three different instruments & my musical taste is very diverse.
3. I love people & I love God.

 Danny Begnoche One Co-Founder

Danny Begnoche

Strategist | Co-Founder

Danny’s passion is drawn from creating and curating marketing strategies and relationships. He believes fully in helping others get where they want to be and success will follow.


1. I’m obsessed with new - new ideas, new apps, new anything.
2. Inspirational movies tug at my heartstrings. ♥
3. What? Zombies aren’t real?

 Dru Jorgensen One Videographer & Editor

Dru Jorgensen

Videographer & Editor

Dru gets excited about creating new videos that tell people's stories. Starting from filming where the story comes alive to the editing room where the story unfolds.  


1. Sports journalism led to my interest in electronic media.
2. I enjoy handball tournaments (it's similar to racquetball).
3. Living the church life makes my heart joyful.

 Korey Wilson One Co-Founder

Korey Wilson

Web Designer & Developer | Co-Founder

Korey has always been passionate about design. His focus is on web & graphic design solutions and creating an excellent user experience for client partners.


1. Remember Myspace? The start of my web days.
2. I'm a big fan of sunshine and palm trees. ☀
3. I love serving people; I live to serve in Christ's name.


Kyle Holcombe

Branding Designer

Kyle is a branding design specialist with an aim to convey your message both creatively and concisely — through a host of visual, audible and interactive means.


1. I quote Paul Rand a little too much.
2. I love creating music.
3. I have an identical twin brother.

 Sara Lancaster One Strategist & Content Writer

Sara Lancaster

Strategist & Creative Writer

Marketing content comes second nature to me. I really can't imagine doing much else. I especially enjoy helping clients articulate what makes their business unique and developing a story that only they could tell.


1. I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband, 6-year-old, 3-year-old, and crazy beagle.
2. I'm a firm supporter of the Oxford comma.
3. I love jigsaw puzzles, yoga, and dark chocolate bars that include any combination of almonds, sea salt, caramel, or peanut butter.

Our Why

Why are we doing this? One was created to bring about a change. To partner with incredible businesses and not only make a difference in our lives but most importantly, those around us. We're constantly seeking to create an environment where everyday work has an end goal: do good.

This spark of passion was ignited after learning about a new wave of business strategies developing under the model of Shared Value, coined by Michael E. Porter in his original article “Creating Shared Value.” At its core, Shared Value is business success through social progress. Building a strategy that tackles societal problems or needs with the growing success of your business. You can see this movement on a larger scale by visiting the Shared Value Initiative or more locally with the Share Value Network right here in Central Iowa!

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