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What We Do


Your online foundation. We work with you to create a sleek, responsive website.


Your mobile foundation. If you need a mobile app, we are eager to start.


We do "etc." Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Programming, Logos, and more.


Our Process


Kickoff Call

We love hearing your vision and bringing your ideas to life.  Give us a shout by phone at 323-515-9283 (WAVE) or reach out via quick message on our contact page, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.
Ready for change? Fill out our quick form at the bottom to reserve your new website today.



We do not believe in "work in, work out". We focus on high quality work and developing a partnership with you. We will send you all the information needed to get started. All we ask is a 25% up front deposit to ensure you're as serious about your website as we are. From there, we’ll kick-off your new project!



If you already know the ins-and-outs of your dream website, we are eager to hear your vision. If you need help with ideation, we offer Structured Strategy to ensure your vision becomes reality. We’ll collaborate on your personas or targeted audience, domain strategy, lead generation, SEO best practices, blogging initiatives, and more.


Design & Development

Next, let's align your branding with your online presence. If you just started your journey and are in need of a logo, we offer logo services to create your brand. We believe your logo design is crucial, we will develop your website and other applications as an extension of your brand. Design and development is our bread and butter.



Now's the time to gather the appropriate content to place throughout your website. If you don’t have website content or are seeking a content resurrection, we have partnered with fantastic Creative Partners to establish our Creative Content option. After the content is placed, your website is now ready for approval by your team. Tell us what you love and what you need restructured to kick-start your dream website launch!



It's time to polish your website to ensure everything works to expectation and more. We’ll add SEO-friendly content to ensure you get found, including page titles and metas written by your team. If you'd rather have us write SEO content for you, we've created the SEO Kick-Start option which includes a professionally written blog post to truly kick-start your blogging initiatives.



We will ensure that you have the know-how to make any necessary changes to your website content as quickly and beautifully as possible. If you will be managing content, we will set up a training session for content management. If you would like us to manage your content, we offer Up&Updates for additional support, hosting and updates.



Congratulations, your product is ready for launch! Prepare for lift-off, folks. Cheers to your future and to our partnership moving forward.

Recent Projects

“We started working with One before we opened our restaurant and almost two years later we are still thrilled to be working with them! Not only did they help us build a beautiful, functional website but they took the time to help us understand how to use it and even gave us great ideas for content development. They are truly a joy to work with - kind, responsive, prompt, and always very helpful.”

- Whitney Ariss, Co-Owner


“Thank you Danny and Korey for being my inspiration, support, and guidance in my new business venture. Your talents in web design, sales strategy and social media marketing have been extraordinary. You are honest, trustworthy and dependable. I have truly enjoyed our partnership over the years and learned so much from you! The LiabilityPro Brand would not exist without your wisdom, patience, and perseverance. You really care about the quality of your work and the success of your customers.”

- Cindy Wiedman, Owner

"I've worked with One on a few web development projects and they are always very generous with their time and marketing insights. Plus, the final product is exactly what I asked for. They're a great group to work with."

- Sara Lancaster, Marketing Director


“One made building a website hassle free. We shared ideas about the features we would like to see on our site and they did the rest. The creativity, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail set them apart from the rest. Fantastic communication streamlined the whole process. We would highly recommend them for all your website needs.”

- Andrew Livingston

“Danny and Korey are so professional and easy to work with. I'm constantly impressed with their marketing knowledge, and how well they keep up with industry trends. They did a wonderful job on my site - it looks exactly how I wanted it to look, and it functions well too. Thanks Danny and Korey!”

- Amy Goldsmith, Owner

"I have really enjoyed working with Danny and Korey. They enjoy connecting with people and making an impact. Both are easy to work with and have a passion for helping your business succeed. They have done their part in making sure I am taken care of."

- Dru Jorgensen, Owner

"Our company had just started working with Danny and Korey when I started. They redesigned our website and it looks very professional. They have also created a few customer contests for Diamond Oil and those worked seamlessly. We had great feedback from our customers. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Communication is very good and they take the time to understand our needs and provide a summary of the projects before we start them. We have always been pleased with the finished projects for Diamond Oil Company. We will continue to use their services in the future."

- Lowell Roode, Customer Relations Manager




  • Discover the Perfect Domain Name

  • Beautiful Responsive Design

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Edit All Content with Ease

  • Easy Integration with Google Analytics

  • For those needing a more simplistic website

Hosting as low as $16/month or $144/year


  • Discover the Perfect Domain Name

  • Beautiful Responsive Design

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Edit Text Content with Ease

  • WordPress Plugins, Analytics, and More

  • For those needing a more complex website

Hosting as low as $9/month or $108/year


Creative Partners Network

Are you a creative looking for future opportunities and up to 50% off your project?


Additional Services

Social Media Shine

Whether your audience is on your site or social media, make sure they know your brilliant branding by creating consistent cover images.

Luminous Logo

Your logo is the foundation of your branding. Ensure the rock to your online design is crafted to excite and ignite interest.

Structured Strategy

Don’t have a clear vision for your website? We’ll collaborate with you to create the perfect strategy focused on your needs and future growth.


SEO Kick-Start

Let us write your titles, metas, and first professionally written blog post to kick-start your SEO efforts, allowing searchers and search engines to find you. 

Creative Content

We’ve partnered with professional writers to bring you extraordinary website content, ensuring your words ignite interest and passion in your message.

Power Programming

Allow our programming talent to craft fluent database connections, user logins and/or just about anything your imagination can conceive.



Ensure your projects are at the front of the line and receive bonus hours.
48 hours / yr + 5 bonus hours.


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